Our Team in Germany

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Scharff 

Dipl. Physicist in solid-state physics

competence in the fields:

  • solid-state physics
  • innovative business strategies
  • strategic R&D developments
  • market and R&D competence in the regions Southern Africa, Russia ans Kazakhstan

Jürgen Schiller 

Dipl. Engineer in electrical engineering/ electronics 

competence in the fields:

  • circuit design
  • high frequency technologies
  • wireless data transmission

Swen Marke 

Dipl. Physicist in Plasma Physics 

competence in the fields:

  • spectra analysis
  • digital signal processing
  • optical measurement techniques

Dr. Claudia Scharff 

Diplom Engineer bio technology/bio pharmacy

competence in the fields:

  • bio technologies
  • herbal genetic engineering
  • analytics / genetic engineering

Sabine Morgner

Assistant for office communication

competence in the fields:

  • project Management
  • event and Conference Management
  • databases/ database research
  • patent research and application

Antje Wilhelms 

Dipl. Eng. Economic Informatics 

competence in the fields:

  • project Management
  • finance concepts for innovative developments
  • cooperation with partners abroad


Our Team International


Prof. Mikhail Ignatev

located in: Moskau, Russland

competence in the fields:

  • material sciences
  • market research Eeastern Europe

Dr. Andras Bulkai

located in: Budapest, Ungarn

competence in the fields:

  • EU project processing
  • market research Europe

Prof. Roman Maev

located in: Windsor, Kanada

competence in the fields:

  • non-destructive testing technology

Max Makhubalo

located in: South Africa
competence in the fields:

  • marketing/ business strategy Southern Africa